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प्रगति इंटरनेशनल साइंटिफिक रिसर्च फाउंडेशन

2nd International Conference (ICFPLS-2023), September 18-20, 2023, at Port Blair

International Conference on “Prospects and challenges of environment and biological sciences in food production system for livelihood security of farmers (ICFPLS-2023)”

The broad scope of sustainable development of food production system suggests that virtually any social, economic or environmental process or challenge pleasant to scientific thoughtful may potentially be pertinent. Emergence, meanwhile, could signify the novelty or intensification of some of those issues, fresh considerate of their causes or consequences, the development of new management options, or the identification of issues that have gone previously unrecognized. Therefore, the present conference “Prospects and challenges of environment and biological sciences in food production system for livelihood security of farmers” provides a forum to discuss such emerging issues and advances in the areas of food production system, environment and biological science to mitigate ill effect of global warming for sustainable development of agriculture. The conference will be a best combination of eminent scientists, researchers, scholars, and students who will share the latest developments in the relevant fields to promote the overall productivity of food production system for enhancing farmers livelihood security.

Theme and sub-theme

1) Natural resource management for climate smart agriculture

  • Water resources and land management
  • Soil water conservation techniques
  • Resource conservation technologies (RCTs)

2) Sustainable agriculture production for enhancing the livelihood security of farmers

  • Climatic change impacts on soil, water, bio-resources and bio-diversity
  • Diversifications of agriculture production system
  • Integrated farming systems for increasing income of poor resource farmers
  • Role of improved genotype for sustainability of agriculture and productivity

3) Technological intervention for coastal agriculture /island agriculture

  • Adaptive strategies to develop climate resilient island agriculture.
  • Technological interventions to improve the productivity of agri-horticulture, livestock and fisheries of Islands Ecosystems.
  • Characterization and sustainable application of natural resources, post harvest and value addition
  • Biodiversity and sustainable livelihood of tribes
  • Bioengineering with bamboo plantation in arable and non-arable land

4) Sustainable livestock and fish production system for enhancing income and livelihood security of farmers

  • Productivity enhancement technologies for livestock and their challenges
  • Animal disease control strategies for sustainable animal production
  • Livestock polices and marketing for enhanced income of the smallholder farmers
  • Status and opportunities for fish production in Island/ coastal regions
  • Potential for freshwater fish & prawn production systems

5) Transforming agriculture and food value chains via various home-grown and indigenous initiatives

  • Farm mechanization,
  • Technologies and machineries for reducing postharvest losses,
  • Rural infrastructures for digitized agriculture,
  • Improved livestock farming / milk supply initiatives
  • Renewable energy production and efficient utilization in agriculture

6) Integrating modern intelligent systems and smart farming techniques into rural agriculture

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • Digital water saving and water resources
  • Integrated Pest management (IPM) and Integrated Insect management
  • GPS, Satellite imagery
  • Application of remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS) in agriculture
  • Precision agriculture

7) Gender empowerment through technological interventions

  • Ergonomically designed tools for reducing drudgery
  • Empowerment of socially backward women engaged in agriculture
  • Reducing gender inequalities for tangible food, nutrition and livelihood security

8) Agricultural education system and rural entrepreneurship

  • Scope for Land Grant System Based Agriculture Research, Education & Extensions etc.
  • Agribusiness management
  • Youth employment/Rural-urban migration and poverty alleviation nexus

Agricultural Seeds

Agricultural Seeds

High yield seed materials are very important to increase the production per unit area. The location specific geno-types plays important role to enhance production.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Precise irrigation method should be popularized among the farmer field to reduce the irrigation water losses and increase water application use efficiency.

Intervention Technology

Intervention Technology

It is an intervention technology that operates automated processes by monitoring the use of modern tools such as sensors and drones via continuous data analysis to optimize the farming.

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